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Mobile oil change service

Oil Changes: Any Vehicle, Anywhere

We’re experienced oil changers across all car & truck makes & models.

Need an oil change? You can count on the experts at EasyTire. Take advantage of our flexible hours – 7 days a week. Want us to do an oil change at your home or office location?

No problem! Using an oil extractor, we will carefully remove the oil from your engine and the old oil filter. We place oil absorbent mats on the ground around the vehicle to prevent any drips on pavement.

We recycle the used oil we collect with one of Canada’s leading refiners. Plan on our service taking about 30 minutes to complete. No matter what you’re driving – car, truck, minivan or more – we’ve got Ottawa’s mobile oil change needs covered.

EasyTire Oil Packages

All packages include a 24-point inspection, oil filter change and up to 5 liters of oil


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Engine Oil Change

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European Synthetic Oil Change

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Oil & On Rim Tire Change combo

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For the ultimate in convenience have your tires and oil changed at the same time

During your oil change we can also replace the following: battery, bulbs, engine air filter, cabin air filter, wiper blades + more! Need your tires rotated? We’ve got that covered too!


Can I supply my own oil and filter?2024-04-16T22:01:44+00:00

No, at this time EasyTire will only install products supplied from our inventory.

How does the extraction process work?2024-04-16T22:02:02+00:00

We use a vacuum powered oil evacuator that removes the oil from the topside of the engine. Not having to drain from the bottom removes the possibility of spills!

Are oil changes warranty approved?2024-04-16T22:02:45+00:00

Yes! We only use parts and oil that are specified for your vehicle. Our shop software is linked with Carfax and will upload the date and mileage of the service work once completed.

Do you need my keys for the duration of the service?2024-04-16T22:03:26+00:00

Yes we do require your keys for the oil change service. Once the new oil is added we will need to run the engine briefly to cycle the oil and get a proper reading on the dipstick.

Can you come into my parking garage?2024-04-16T22:03:37+00:00

Approval to do any vehicle maintenance in your parking garage must be obtained prior to our arrival. Every condo association and apartment complex has different rules regarding what services can take place.

How do you dispose of waste oil?2024-04-16T22:03:48+00:00

100% of our waste oil is picked up by a service partner, recycled, and re-refined.

Do you offer other repairs or services?2024-04-16T22:04:12+00:00

While completing your oil change we do a standard 24 point inspection. We can replace the battery, wiper blades, air and cabin filter, and some bulbs as needed/required. We focus on service, not pushing parts. Nothing will be installed on your vehicle without your permission.

What happens if you’re unable to complete the service where the vehicle is sitting?2024-04-16T22:04:21+00:00

We will make every attempt to find a spot to complete the service. If the vehicle is parked in a dense/busy area, somewhere dangerous for our technicians, and no alternative location can be found then a cancellation fee may apply.

Why is my price higher than the price on the website?2024-04-16T22:04:32+00:00

Some vehicles require more expensive filters and oils than others, or the difficulty of the service can range. Our pricing is based on a standard service and may vary based on these factors